About Us
On June 23, 2011, MZ model was founded
In 2012, the dormitories and factory buildings were expanded, Extension to 30,000 square meters, and 11 of the famous brands of world famous cars were obtained
In 2013, the first branch company was set up
In 2014, MZ model have been created the second branches , the same year, it created the brand named Springflower
In 2015, MZ model was held the first annual Marketing Summit in which the field orders exceeded 100 million yuan
In 2016, MZ Model was rated as "high-tech enterprises”. brought in more than 200 advanced injection molding machines. The quality and production capacity were significant promotion
In 2017, For invested 150 million in research and development and productivity expansion project MZ model were listed as the only key project of the toy enterprise in Guangdong province. MZ Model establish Xingbao building block brand. Company invested 43 million to build intelligent technology precision processing center, the fully automatic product line of the building block is formally put into operation
In 2018, MZ model was set up the Shenzhen R&D branch. In the same year, invested tens of millions in Shantou to build the top intelligent precision injection molding workshop of East Guangdong