Xingbao Blocks

Established in December 2016, Shantou Pengrui Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. is a toys manufacturer of building block, we gather the world's leading MOC authors and mass-produces their outstanding works.

Brand positioning  Create a Chinese high-end building blocks

Brand advantages
1、Various molds, well-known original works, and many contracted authors;
2、Wonderful gift boxes with UV cover printing, dividual packing in steps for clear building;
3、Advanced injection molding equipments, a variety of high-precision building block molds, and a full range of plastic parts;

Product features
1、Special and unique product series, such as Chinatown, home décor, Dream Car,Gigabronc
2、Experience the creative design of MOC designers at home and abroad
3、High cost performance

Xingbao building blocks has built a connected platform for MOC authors and building block enthusiasts around the world, enabling the world's outstanding works to be displayed and mass-produced. as well as allowing fans to access more wonderful works and enjoy more fun from the building blocks.

Brand vision  Xingbao building blocks adheres to the originality as a core and is determined to build a world-renowned brand in building blocks.

Product value 1、Provide high-quality granular building blocks, expand amazing creativity in space building;
2、stimulate the learning enthusiasm of children in different ages;
3、Laid a good foundation for the R&D of educational products in the future period
Research and development
The company retains 6 registered trademarks and 34 trademarks being applied for, and currently has more than 100 patents, including 2 inventions, 20 practical applications, more than 68 appearances and more than 150 copyrights.